Rentals terms


  1. London Student Rental does not guarantee the booking until we have received the deposit from the customer.
  2. Payments from abroad must be done by money transfer into the bank account of London Student Rental. As 4 or 5 days is needed to get into the account, also it will be necessary to send a fax with the payment’s receipt.
  3. The amount of the payment will depend on the duration of the stay:
    • A - LESS THAN 1 MONTH (*): The customer has to pay the whole amount of rent plus Ł100 deposit from abroad.
    • B - MORE THAN 1 MONTH AND LESS THAN 3 MONTHS: The customer has to pay the whole amount of rent plus Ł100 deposit, or, 3 weeks deposit and two weeks rent in advance from abroad. Prices increase Ł10 per week for a contract shorter than 3 months.
    • C - 3 MONTHS: The customer has to pay 3 weeks deposit and two weeks rent in advance from abroad.
    (*) Subject to discretion of LSR and availability
  4. 4. The day of the arrival, the customer should come to the office to sign the contract in order to get the keys.
  5. 5. If the customer arrives when the office is closed he should go directly to the house where he will find the room open and in the morning of the next day he should come to the office to sign the contract and get the keys. The customer must phone the day before departure (to confirm booking) and the day of arrival after collecting the luggage at the airport (to fix the exact hour of arrival to the house).
FROM 10:00AM TILL 3:00PM


  1. The payments must be made and the contract must be signed before the customer takes the keys. The amount and date of further payments will be fixed at the same moment of the registration in the house. The payments are due in advance every two Fridays or as stated.
  2. Water, Council tax and telephone are included but electricity and gas are to be shared equally among the occupiers of the house.
  3. The communal areas (kitchen, living room and bathrooms) must be left tidy and clean in order to respect the other occupiers.
  4. Everybody must respect and follow the cleaning rota of the house.
  5. If the customer wants to extend the period of the contract it should be advised at least 1 month or 15 days (depending on the length to the contract) prior to the expiry date of the contract.
  6. Guests will not be permitted for more than 3 days (and only with the authorisation of the company) and failure to do so may result in the loss of deposit or termination of the contract.
  7. No overnight visitors are permitted. Any visitors must leave the premises at 11:00 pm.
  8. No excessive noise is permitted after 23.00.
  9. No pets or animals are allowed to be kept at the property
  10. The occupiers must cook only in the kitchen.
  11. The volume control on any television, radio, audio system or musical instrument must be turned low so that they are not audible from outside the room. The landlord reserves the right to require this to be turned off if they cause annoyance to other occupiers or neighbours.
  12. Occupiers have use of the bedroom assigned to them but they do not have exclusive possession of it. The landlord reserves the right to require the occupier to move to another room at short notice.
  13. Occupiers must not move furniture, pictures or wall hangings without the consent of the landlord, nor should they install their own furniture, pictures or wall hanging without such consent.
  14. In December and August the contract can only be terminated on the 1st or the 31st, and never at the middle of the month.
  15. As a member of a sharing house all occupiers are responsible for the common areas things. If something is broken and the party responsible is not founded everybody of the house will contribute to a replacement.
  16. Keys, cleaning of room and sheets are responsibility of the occupier. If the room is not clean and tidy when the occupier vacates the property Ł20 will be deducted from the deposit. If the sheets are not washed the deduction will be Ł20 and for the loss of the keys the deduction will be a further Ł20.
  17. If the customer leaves the property before the end of the contract this may result in loss of deposit to compensate the number of days outstanding on the contract.
  18. The contract will be terminated by the landlord after 10 days of arrears payments or if there are any breach on the Company’s rules.